Happy Pôhela Boishakh

In Bengali, the world Pohela means ‘first’. Boishakh, or baisaki in Hindi, is the very first month in the Bengali calendar; in other words, the beginning of the Bengali New Year! Pohela Boishakh is celebrated as a major holiday in West Bengal and in Bangladesh. Of course, it’s a great day for every Bengali living anywhere in the world as well! So here’s a Happy Pohela Boishakh to all you Bengalis, wherever you are. We’ve got some special treats in store for you if you live in Bangalore, though. Read on to know more!

Nothing Says New Year Like The First Leaf Of Spring!

Somehow something happens when spring hits the air. It’s not as though we suffer the wrath of a cold winter in India, but spring still brings with it a strange beauty and lightness. We tend to greet every new leaf, every new flower and every raw of fresh sunshine.

Bengal’s amazingly creative folk make the best of spring by bringing out all their artistic talents. The fairs are full of artists showing off their skills, flooding the place with incredibly rich color. Check out this amazing traditional folk painting being done to the bottom of a conventional earthenware pot!

And this – Traditional owl masks being carried by people at the Pohela Boishak fair.

Have A Boishakh Fair At Home!

If you live in Bangalore, you’re far away from your family in Bengal. Even if you don’t feel the distance on other days, you’ll feel it on a day like this, when you know your family in Bengal will be visiting Boishak fairs and cooking up a storm. They’ll all be out enjoying the fresh spring air, buying traditional goodies, and enjoying fabulous local foodie treats out at the fair.

Feeling lonesome? Don’t. Order yourself a fine Bengali dinner from our Home Chef partners, Kalidas and Kavitha Rajan. If you live in Sarjapur or nearby areas, just go on our website and check out Something Bong and Panch Phoron, both fabulous restaurants offering scrumptious Bengali food.

Something Bong‘ on Bellandur road has a special home made Pohela Boishak menu comprising the following dishes:

  • MISHTI POLAU (a flavoured and lightly sweetened pulao)
  • CHOLAR DAL (chana dal with coconut chunks and some special flavours)
  • BEGUNI (batter fried aubergine)
  • POTOLER DOLMA (pointed gourds/parwal stuffed with a creamy coconut filling and cooked in a rich curry)
  • BHETKI PATURI (soft bhetki fish cubes cooked in banana leaves, flavoured with mustard and coconut)
  • DHONEPATA MURGI (succulent chicken in a coriander/dhania flavoured curry)
  • AAMER CHATNI (sweet and sour raw mango chutney)

The above dishes are all priced together at Rs.299 and are available only on pre-order before 6pm on 14th April. Orders can be placed for either lunch or dinner delivery on 15th April only.

Poila Boishak twitter (1)

Here are a few other Pohela Boishak dishes that should get your taste buds tingling!

The traditional Panta Ilish – made of left-over rice soaked with the delicious Hilsa fish and eaten with shutki (dry fish) and plenty of achaar!

Traditional Pohela Boishakh samosas, roasted nuts and other melt-in-the-mouth snacks!

Yummm… Lobongo Lotika – a lovely Bengali stuffed parcel fitted together with a clove (lobongo in Bengali). Do check out the delicious sugar syrup the Lobongo Lotika sweets are soaking in – can you resist this one? Do us a favor and eat a few on Pohela Boishakh. You owe it to yourself!

The delicious, ultimate Bengali comfort food – Bhorta – all smooth, delicious and hot! Whether it’s made out of veggies or dried fish, you can smell the flavorsome mustard oil, onion and garlic from the next room! Whether you like to eat it with rice or roti, bhortas are wonderful, fragrant and simply irresistible.

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We Wish You A Happy Vishu From Delyver!

Happy Vishu to all of you! What are your plans this Vishu? We’ve had some lovely thunderstorms and the air is smelling fresh and clean. The horribly dry heat and humidity of a few days past seems to be at bay – for now. Isn’t it simply wonderful that the air has cleared, just in time for Vishu? Those mango leaves on everyone’s front door will look greener and smell more delicious with this mild weather. We at Delyver wish all our readers a wonderful Vishu. We’d also like to give our readers some fabulous ideas on how to celebrate Vishu to the fullest – want to know more?

So What Are Your Plans?

We’ve heard that there’s a tradition of giving money, called Vishukkaineetam. Now, that sounds interesting. Headed our way, are you? We’ll set up the collecting box. Joking, dears :).

Let’s talk about the most exciting part of Vishu. The Vishu Sadya! Homes all over Kerala and malayali homes all over the world are probably busy cooking Vishu dishes already. Yummy Veppampoorasam, Mampazhappulissery, Vishu kanji and Vishu katta – are your taste buds tingling yet? Are you reading this blog from your traditional home in Kerala or are you stuck in Bangalore?

Vishu In Bangalore

Bangalore, let us tell you, literally sparkles on Vishu day. It’s a treat to watch keralites of all descriptions, freshly washed and anointed, wearing the traditional mundus, heading off to their nearest temples. Everyone, even the young children will be sporting brand new clothes, smelling of fragrant sandalwood paste. It’s an incredible feeling!

It’s not just the people, but the restaurants and hotels that come into action on Vishu. Sparkling tables, sparkling crystal and plate-ware, waiters in fresh white mundus and best of all, the most incredible smells coming from the kitchens. It’s enough to drive a person mad with joy!

Order Vishu Sadya If You’re Not Planning To Cook

Not everyone is up to cooking up the traditional Vishu Sadya. For those of you still busy meeting deadlines, too busy to really enjoy Vishu at home, we’re here with good news. We’ve made it possible for you to stay home and order absolutely authentic Vishu Sadya, with all the trimmings. Here’s how you do it:

  • Residents of Sarjapur, Koromangala and HSR: Kuttanaadu and Kumarakom wait to delight you with fabulous food!
    • Kuttanadu has a special VISHU Sadya on this Wednesday, 15th April, for lunch and dinner. The other items on their regular menu except non veg fried dishes will not be available on that day. Cost of the Sadya for home delivery is Rs.550/-.  Advance booking will be required for order more than 3 sadya orders at a time.
    • Kumarakom is also serving a special Sadya for Vishu.
  • Residents of Sarjapur, what better place than Coconut Grove for your Sadya?
  • Residents of Electronics City, get on to our site and order from Thanima
  • Residents of Indiranagar, it’s Fort Kochi for you – authentic and sizzling!
  • Residents of Bannerghatta Road, have you heard of the fabulous Veruthe Oru Thathukada restaurant? They also have an 18 item Sadya for home delivery on Vishu @ Rs.250.Go on, give it a try.
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Let’s Wish Happy Birthday To Sanjeev Kapoor The Yellow Chilli Way!

Have you heard of Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Extraordinaire, the man who put the Indian cuisine on the map? Of course you have. We’re just kidding. Well, Sanjeev Kapoor turns 50 this April 10th. And we plan on celebrating his birthday along with all his fans. Are you with us?

Sanjeev, The Show Host

India has seen many great chefs but there’s just one Sanjeev Kapoor. His warm smile and quirky manner has the whole country charmed on his show, “Khana Khazana” on Star Plus. Khana Khazana is broadcast to 120 countries and is watched by more than 500 million viewers, all loving Sanjeev’s line of ready-to-cook meals! And then there’s the Food Food Channel, more food and Indian lifestyle on day time TV. Phew! Sanjeev also hosts plenty of cookery shows and cookery competitions all over India and also internationally. One wonders where he gets all that energy from. It must be from all that healthy cooking!

Sanjeev, The Man

Apart from being a show host and a chef par excellence, Sanjeev truly cares that people eat well and live well. He has done a lot of work cutting off the excess fat from Indian recipes, helping people to enjoy Indian cuisine without the extra calories. Sanjeev has been receiving so many awards, it’s hard to keep count. Sanjeev’s is the most celebrated face of Indian Cuisine. He’s an all-in-one character – a host, a chef, cookbook author and a consultant for restaurants worldwide! Sanjeev’s come a long way from that little boy in Haryana who watched his mom cook roti and daal, bugging her with a million questions!

Sanjeev, The Entrepreneur

If launching Khana Khazana in 2010 wasn’t enough of a profitable venture, Sanjeev has lent his name to a series of restaurants. Each restaurant is now an established brand, with franchises all over the country and also globally. These restaurant brands offer fabulous, healthy Indian dishes along with entertainment. Each restaurant brand offers a different experience, with different ambience, menu, marketing elements and team culture. Some of Sanjeev’s restaurant brands are:

  • Signature

  • Brooklyn Shuffle Diner

  • Options

  • Sura Vie

  • Gold Leaf Banquets

  • Khazana

  • The Yellow Chilli

  • Jimmy Hu

  • Hong Kong

Happy Birthday, Sanjeev!

The great man turns 50 this year and it’s a wonderful chance for us to say Happy Birthday to him at Yellow Chilli, Jayanagar. Wear your party hats and join the hotel staff as they celebrate the entire day with entertainment and fabulous dishes.

If you’re not able to visit The Yellow Chilli, not to worry. We can bring the Sanjeev Kapoor Khana Khazana experience to you at home. If you live in Jayanagar or nearby areas, you can order your favorite dishes from Yellow Chilli on our website. What better way to celebrate the famous Sanjeev Kapoor’s birthday than to taste some of his signature dishes? Order now on delyver.com!

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Better Health Will Be Yours – Just Reach Out And Grab It!

For those not in the know, World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th every year. This date actually marks the anniversary of the date that World Health Organization (WHO) came into being in 1948. Every year WHO highlights a public health theme on its anniversary. This year, it’s all about Food Safety. Which brings us to the question – how safe is the food we eat? How safe is what we put into our children’s mouths every day? And what are doing about it?

You Are What You Eat

“You are what you eat” – how many times have you heard this phrase? How much of what you eat is in the form of fat, sugar and refined white flour? Quite a bit, if you were minded to be honest about it. So if you are obese, have bad skin, terrible metabolism, diabetes or high cholesterol, it’s because of what you eat. Today, we have new data that illustrates how unsafe foods pose a global health threat, not just in terms of health issues, but diseases. It’s time to take action, folks. Join hands with us. Let’s take a step towards better health, together.

Why Food Gets Contaminated

As the global food trade becomes more and more industrialized, many new opportunities open up for food contamination. . Even a tiny package of food contains ingredients from different countries. Result? Our food becomes the target for horrible parasites, chemicals, viruses and bacteria of every form and shape. Food safety isn’t just our problem or yours anymore. It’s everyone’s. In fact, it’s a an international emergency. Yes, that bad.

What You Can Do About It

Food contamination. Unhealthy foods. Diseases. Illnesses. Lethargy and lack of motivation. Give up? No. Fight on. Here’s what you can do to make food safer for your family:

  • Wash vegetables (even organic ones) in hot water before use
  • Cook foods thoroughly to get rid of residual bacteria
  • Avoid packaged foods, especially if they contain high levels of sodium and trans fats
  • Grow your own veggies if possible

When It Comes To Eating Out

We understand you don’t want to cook every day. We know you want to eat out or order in. Just make sure you eat at and order from the right places. Check out our following ‘healthy’ partners:

Jiyo Natural (Bellandur, Haralur, HSR & Koramangala)

100% organic, with extremely healthy food options. You can eat as much as you want and feel good about it later.

Healthy Food home delivery

Jiyo Natural @Delyver

Straw & Spoon (Whitefield and nearby areas)

100% organic food cooked using highly creative recipes. Health food was never this delicious!

Carrots (Koramangala and nearby areas)

Plant-based diet that contains everything your body needs and none of the stuff your body doesn’t need. Carrots restaurant serves up Indian, Fusion, American and Continental recipes.

B Healthy (On/off Sarjapur Road, HSR & Koramangala)

Their cakes are made of whole wheat, are eggless, have no preservatives and absolutely mouth melting yummy. So you can indulge guilt free!

cakes, Healthy Cakes, Wheat cakes

  • Consume multi-grain or whole wheat flour
  • Buy food in small amounts and consume it quickly. Don’t stock up
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It’s Ugadi Time Again, People!

It’s a brand new year, Ugadi is here, and spring is in the air! Green leaves are sprouting on trees and beautiful flowers are blossoming everywhere. Can you smell the mangoes in the air? They’re coming soon. That’s what Ugadi is all about – delicious mango pachadi, mango rice, mango leaves decorating your doorframe and the smell of mangoes in the air. Oh, let’s not forget the incredible holige – that delicious stuffed delicacy.

What’s The Story Behind Ugadi?

The story goes that Lord Brahma began creating our amazing universe Ugadi day. So you see, even though the thought of holige turns our salivary glands on, it’s not all about food. Ugadi is about new beginnings, new ventures, and also the beginning of the Hindu lunar calendar.

Walk through the streets of Bangalore on Ugadi day and you’ll see all homes, rich or humble, decorated with mango leaves. Every home will be spotlessly clean. Usually grubby kids will be in spanking new clothes. There’s newness to everything, a feeling of joy, growth and prosperity. That’s Ugadi for you.

What’s The Deal With Mango Leaves, Anyway?

Ok, we’re curious too. Why mango leaves on every doorframe – literally everywhere on Ugadi? Apparently there’s a legend behind that one too. It would seem that Lord Subramanya and Ganesha loved to eat mangoes. We get that. Oh yes we do. In order to increase the mango yield, Lord Subramanya urged everyone to drape their doorways with fresh mango leaves. Hmmm….we’re sure you agree with us on this – no one’s going to say no to a darn good mango yield this year. So shall we get on with the mango leaf draping, yes?

Don’t Wait Anymore! Start That New Venture Now!

If you’ve been sitting on your hunkers trying to get your guts up to start that new venture, here’s your chance. Whatever it is you have in mind – a new business, a new project – heck, even a marriage proposal! Just get on with it. Ugadi is the time for starting something new. If a day is already blessed, why not take advantage of it and start what you have in mind? Won’t hurt, surely?

Famous Ugadi Dishes

Ugadi is so much more than the neem leaves and jaggery combo (bevu bella). On this day, cooks everywhere vie with each other to make the best puliogure and holige (obbattu). There are raw mango preparations as well, such as the mango pachadi and mango rice.

If you have no idea how to cook Ugadi dishes, you’re in luck. Just trust our partners to deliver the dreamiest Ugadi meal you ever imagined. Order great Ugadi dishes from the following partners:

  • New Agarwal Bhavan
  • New Agarwal Bhavan Ugadi Special ,Hallimane
  • Hallimane Ugadi Special (2)

Happy Ugadi!

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Come, Celebrate A Hallimane Ugadi With Delyver This Year!

The words ‘Halli Mane’ literally mean ‘village house’ in Kannada. If any part of you has been longing for the true taste of food as your granny used to make it, this is the place for you. Hallimane has brought back the rich heritage of Kannada cuisine, right from the very ethnic raagi roti to the unbeatable uch-ellu chutney. If you haven’t visited this culinary landmark yet, it’s time you did. And we’ll tell you why.

It’s Like Visiting A Real Village House

Here’s what you’ll see when you visit Hallimane. A cute little house made of natural brick walls, tiled roof and high ceilings, typical of a rural house. Even as you approach it, your nose will be assailed with the delicious smells of homemade ghee being slathered on delicious dosas and rotis. Once that smell hits your nose, you simply will have to go in. There’s no other choice in front of you.

Why Do We Love Hallimane?

Hallimane has been around for several years now, and there’s many a Bangalorean who’ll swear by it. It’s a fav hangout for residents of Malleswaram and nearby areas. It’s the place where people run to when they’re struck by nostalgic memories of eating hearty rural dishes made by their grannies. Hallimane sticks to authentic recipes, reproducing each dish exactly as your grandma used to make it. The food is fresh, hygienic and delicious. The service is exemplary. The ambience is so reminiscent of a village house that for a while you’ll forget you’re actually in the bustling center of cosmopolitan Malleswaram.

Festival Celebrations At Hallimane

Did you know that Hallimane presents a delicious ethnic spread for every festival celebrated in Karnataka? There are special Sankranti meals including the famous bevu bella. There are special dishes cooked for Dussehra, Diwali, Ugadi and many others. People from all over Bangalore come to Hallimane to experience the real taste of each festival. What are you waiting for? Where will you be this Ugadi?

Celebrate A Hallimane Ugadi With Delyver This Year!

Hallimane is putting together a delicious Ugadi feast of over 30 special varieties from all over Karnataka. What’s more, this Ugadi, you don’t have to actually visit Hallimane to sample all those glorious dishes. No – you can sit comfortably at home, and order what you want from our website.

Please note the following timings for the Ugadi special pre-orders:

For Lunch on 20th March, pre-order before 8pm on 19th March. For only Malleshwaram home deliveries, orders will be taken till 10 am on 20th March
For Dinner on 20th March, pre-order before 12 noon on 20th march. For Malleshwaram, the pre-order time is extended to 6pm.

For lunch on 21st March, pre-order before 8pm on 20th March. For only Malleshwaram home deliveries, orders will be taken till 10 am on 20th March
For dinner on 21st March, pre-order before 12pm (noon) on 21st March. For Malleshwaram, the pre-order time is extended to 6pm.

We will Delyver the Ugadi of your dreams to your home – rich, fragrant mango pachadi, coconut obattu, puliyogare, mango rice, sweets galore and much, much more! What are you waiting for? Place your order now!

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Do the ‘Balle Balle’ with Punjabi Times

We all have that one Punjabi friend, who is loud, big hearted, dependable, fun loving and all things Punjabi. Are we missing something here? Of course we are – A Punjabi friend is a foodie too! It’s a known fact that Punjabis LOVE to eat but what is probably lesser known, and more apt, is that Punjabis LOVE to feed (yes at times over feed their guests too)!

Finding tasty & authentic Punjabi food can be quite a daunting task, especially when we see restaurants by the dozen promising authentic food from the land of the five rivers. But not anymore, at least for ‘Bangaloreans’.Your answer to the ‘chak de phatte’ variety of food is here courtesy ‘Punjabi Times. The restaurant brings you perfectly spiced, traditional Punjabi food cooked to perfection by their master chefs. Plentiful portions of starters, gravies, meats, sabzis and a wide variety of breads to choose from, make their food an obvious choice for a relaxed evening with guests at home.

Delyver promises to bring you mouth-watering delicacies prepared by the seasoned chefs of Punjabi Times, but you must also make a few promises – that you will NOT count the calories and you WILL do the Bhangra too!

Tikke Shikke te Kebab Shebab
Now if you’re the kind who loves the soup, starter & dessert meals, then this is the place to go all out, especially while ordering finger foods. The menu is packed with myriad options for the meat eaters and vegetarians alike!

Confused about where to begin? Maybe you can start with warm Yakhni Shorba, mutton trotters perfectly spiced with garlic & herbs, simmered overnight infusing the beautiful flavours perfectly. This is just what you need to get set for the rest of the grand meal to follow.

Do you like to try a little bit of everything when eating out? Then the tandoori platter (available in vegetarian & non vegetarian options) is your thing! Else take your pick from Bhatti da murg, Bhindi Kurkure, Railway Gobhi, Tandoori Murg, and many other options. Salivating yet? Logon to www.delyver.com to place your order!

Khana Shaana te Roti Shoti
Spicy tangy tomato onion gravy in Murg Tikka Lababdar, Kaju Mushrooms cooked in an aromatic creamy gravy, Amritsari tawa grilled Macchi or Home style mutter paneer, we guarantee that anything you choose will leave you licking your fingers in satisfaction.

But whatever you order, don’t forget to order the Dal Makhni, often called ‘Maa ki dal’ in Punjabi homes. This thick, creamy dal, cooked with natural whole spices, teamed with a buttery Nan just off the oven, makes for an utterly delicious experience! Remember your promise right? Punjabi hospitality comes through in the generous dose of butter in all dishes.

End it sweet

Your meal is incomplete without the sinful Shahi Chawal ki Kheer or the chef’s special Badami Rabdi with chilled exotic litchees. So even if you feel you’ve reached the point of no more, you must taste a spoonful of their sweet delights. You don’t want to wake up regretting it do you?

So if you’re a non-Punjabi who wants to soak in the flavors of Punjab then this is your pit stop. And if you’re a Punjabi and you miss your ‘mummykarajmachawal’ then fret no more & just logon to www.delyver.com

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