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About Delyver

Delyver is India’s first hyper local commerce platform. Delyver connects offline retailers in a neighborhood with customers from the same neighborhood. In other words, Delyver is a neighborhood marketplace. For customers, Delyver is the single window for all neighborhood shopping needs. All orders placed with Delyver are processed and delivered within 60 minutes. For retailers, in addition to providing the digital connect to the customers, Delyver offers support for logistics and customer care. Currently, Delyver operates in Bangalore across 8 product categories. Delyver is backed by well known angel investors and a VC fund and is in rapid expansion mode.

Eat Your Tension Away!

What? EAT MY TENSION AWAY? You lost your sense, Delyver? No, dear readers. We haven’t lost our senses, not yet. We’re talking sense. Studies show that you can actually eat your tension away. Hmmm…. Now we can see some of … Continue reading

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Did You Know Not Exercising Is Twice As Deadly As Being Fat?

You’re a nice healthy specimen – perfect weight, absolutely no health issues, and happy as a lark. You work and eat and sleep and don’t see any reason to exercise – after all, you have no reason to lose weight! … Continue reading

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Dearly beloved, today we gather to celebrate and honor one of the most anticipated days of this year. That’s right, today is ‘Eat What You Want Day’. Also known as International Cheat Day. We suggest you knock off whatever diet … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers’ Day

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face”    – George Eliot Gather around folks, for all around the world on 10th May, we celebrate the beautiful concept of honoring the caring, devoted species we call ‘mother’. On … Continue reading

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The Biryani story

Biryani is a universally loved dish that has stood the test of time, change and wars. Theories vary as to how this fragrant, exotic dish first came into existence with some believing that it has Persian origins while others argue … Continue reading

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A different menu everyday – Masala Box

What sets Masala Box apart from other food establishments is the fact that they have a menu that changes every day Continue reading

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10 ways to boost your health

Stress And Anger Zap Your Energies – They’re The Enemy Continue reading

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