Eat Your Tension Away!

What? EAT MY TENSION AWAY? You lost your sense, Delyver? No, dear readers. We haven’t lost our senses, not yet. We’re talking sense. Studies show that you can actually eat your tension away. Hmmm…. Now we can see some of you grinning happily. Ah – so you had the right idea, gorging on cakes and chocolates after that awful breakup, yes? No. Bad idea, bad, bad bad! Want to learn something really worthwhile? Read on.

So Let’s Begin – What Do You Eat When You’re Stressed?

All right, you can be honest – no point in feeling shy over it. We all stress eat. Exam fever, day before that all-important interview, wedding jitters – and what do we do? We make a sneaky call to a pizza house in the middle of the night and gobble boiling hot pizza while maintaining a watchful eye towards the door. And yes, the chocolates, the cakes and the sweeties – it seems they whisper our names loudly when exactly we’re stressed. Wonder why they don’t whisper during other times?

Ever Wondered Why We Stress Eat?

Ever wondered why we stress eat similar kinds of food – fatty foods, sugary foods? It’s because when you’re tense, your body produces a hormone called cortisol. It’s literally called the ‘stress hormone’. When this hormone is high, everything is on a high alert; your heart rate, your alertness, your energy levels and your attentiveness. Cortisol is literally our bodies’ emergency response system.

When your stress goes away, your cortisol levels lower and you’re back to normal. What happens when you’re continually stressed? Your body uses up all its energy to combat the stress. The excess stress keeps you hyper alert and anxious. Soon your body starts craving sugars and fats.

Don’t Feel Guilty – Eat To Beat That Stress!

Here’s the deal – you know you eat when you’re stressed. Just accept it. Just be watchful and eat the right foods next time, foods that will strengthen your body and brain and boost your emotional health.

  1. Foods High In Vitamins, Calcium, Fiber and Natural Sugars

Fruits and veggies contain essential vitamins, calcium, fiber and plenty of natural sugars to keep you contented and in good moods. Eat them in plenty.

  1. Foods High In Magnesium

Fish, sunflower seeds, avocados, pumpkin seeks, almonds, peanuts, black beans, salmon, soybeans, oysters, halibut, oats, brown rice – phew! That’s a long list of magnesium-rich foods. Magnesium helps the brain produce more of the feel-good hormone, serotonin, which keeps you happy.

  1. Foods That Contain Friendly Fats And Carbohydrates

What your body needs when it’s feeling down is friendly fats in the form of Omega 3 and 6. So reach for olives, flax seeds, salmon, cod, broccoli and other omega-rich foods.

  1. Eat Consistently

Don’t skip meals or eat randomly. Your metabolism will suffer and your body will produce more adrenaline to give you energy. When the adrenaline levels go down, your stresses are back. Eat 4 balanced meals a day and keep those stresses away.


About Delyver

Delyver is India’s first hyper local commerce platform. Delyver connects offline retailers in a neighborhood with customers from the same neighborhood. In other words, Delyver is a neighborhood marketplace. For customers, Delyver is the single window for all neighborhood shopping needs. All orders placed with Delyver are processed and delivered within 60 minutes. For retailers, in addition to providing the digital connect to the customers, Delyver offers support for logistics and customer care. Currently, Delyver operates in Bangalore across 8 product categories. Delyver is backed by well known angel investors and a VC fund and is in rapid expansion mode.
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