Did You Know Not Exercising Is Twice As Deadly As Being Fat?

You’re a nice healthy specimen – perfect weight, absolutely no health issues, and happy as a lark. You work and eat and sleep and don’t see any reason to exercise – after all, you have no reason to lose weight! We’d like to apologize in advance, dears, but we’re about to burst your happy bubble. Being sedentary is twice as deadly as being obese. So don’t feel too proud of your slim frame. Oh, just in case you’re wondering why Delyver is lecturing you about health, here it is. We care about you. You are important to us.

Listen To The Experts!

Did you know if you don’t exercise at all, you’ll be destroying your body’s muscle mass as you get older? You’ll see it happening – your tissues will become slack and fat will gain more ground each day. As you get older, you’ll find it harder to burn off the fat. The result? Obesity by the age of 35, or earlier. Obesity leads to a number of health issues and is related to premature death, as most of you know. Did you know that director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, Dr. David Katz, says if you start exercising even now, you can help reduce the risk of premature death?

So Get Moving!

Yes, my pretty peacocks, you lot. See what the future holds if you don’t get moving. If you want to stay pretty, get moving. Research indicates that even moderate exercise burns about 90 and 110 calories a day. According to the experts, even a little bit of exercise a day – say, a brisk walk of no more than 20 minutes, is more than enough to reduce the risk of premature death. This is true for people of normal weight, slightly overweight and morbidly obese people. These statistics were derived from a study conducted by the Cambridge University of 334,000 men and women. That’s a lot of people.

Oh Statistics! It’s All Just Numbers! I’m Going To Be Just Fine!

If that’s what you’re thinking, then please think again. A recent death stat survey in Europe evaluated the 9.2 million European deaths each year. The study found that while 337,000 of these deaths were because of obesity, double that number of deaths was because of total inactivity. Ok, now even we are scared!

Say Sayonara To Fat, Guys

So guys, since we love you so much and want you to keep ordering fine meals from us (kidding, kidding!), please get moving. Make it fun, guys. Adopt a cute doggie and take it for long walks. Run behind your children instead of leaving it to granny. Remember that beautiful body won’t always remain beautiful. Life is pretty and food is pretty and fun is pretty. Stick to the pretty stuff and make sure you keep the flab away.


About Delyver

Delyver is India’s first hyper local commerce platform. Delyver connects offline retailers in a neighborhood with customers from the same neighborhood. In other words, Delyver is a neighborhood marketplace. For customers, Delyver is the single window for all neighborhood shopping needs. All orders placed with Delyver are processed and delivered within 60 minutes. For retailers, in addition to providing the digital connect to the customers, Delyver offers support for logistics and customer care. Currently, Delyver operates in Bangalore across 8 product categories. Delyver is backed by well known angel investors and a VC fund and is in rapid expansion mode.
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