Eat what you want day

Eat what you want day

Dearly beloved, today we gather to celebrate and honor one of the most anticipated days of this year. That’s right, today is ‘Eat What You Want Day’. Also known as International Cheat Day. We suggest you knock off whatever diet you’re on and join in on celebrating all that is pleasurable to your taste buds.

What’s that you’re saying? Oh, so you want to lose 10 pounds? And celebrating this day would be non-compliant with your diet plan? Well, excuse us, but sticking to your healthy, low-fat, non-sugar diet is in non-compliance with the tradition on this day and is outright disrespectful! Oh come on, you know you want those fluffy little cupcakes with the buttercream frosting. And that juicy burger with just the right amount of spice and crispiness to accompany the patty covered in silken cheese. With a side of garlic bread, fries and a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and caramel syrup running down the sides in tiny rivulets. Admit it, Eat What You Want Day is music, nay, a melodious opera to your ears & stomach.

Today, mi amigos, is not the day you think of all the photoshopped models on magazine covers or those skinny jeans you want to fit into. Today is about allowing yourself to enjoy the little pleasures of life. What do you make money for anyway? Is it to starve and berate yourself and still feel bad at the end of it? Of course not. You have the right and freedom to enjoy life on your terms. And if that includes going above the recommended calorie intake because that key lime tart looked too good to be true, so be it. And today is the day to do precisely that. Have a slice of cake, or the whole of it. It’s a celebration!

New fads and diets will come along every now and then. Atkins, Yamaguchi, cabbage soup. But they won’t guarantee you the happiness that is in an extra slice of pizza. We’re not encouraging you to become unhealthy. We’re just asking you to not deny yourself the little things that make life worthwhile. So go on, treat yourself to sinful delights because the calories just don’t count today.

It’s like the anonymous saying that goes – “Eat whatever you want and if someone tries to lecture you on your weight, eat them too.”


About Delyver

Delyver is India’s first hyper local commerce platform. Delyver connects offline retailers in a neighborhood with customers from the same neighborhood. In other words, Delyver is a neighborhood marketplace. For customers, Delyver is the single window for all neighborhood shopping needs. All orders placed with Delyver are processed and delivered within 60 minutes. For retailers, in addition to providing the digital connect to the customers, Delyver offers support for logistics and customer care. Currently, Delyver operates in Bangalore across 8 product categories. Delyver is backed by well known angel investors and a VC fund and is in rapid expansion mode.
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