10 ways to boost your health

Stressful jobs, bad food choices, too much sitting around, too many emotional attachments – they all slowly sap away at your health. A few years down the lane and suddenly you have weak bones, hypertension, diabetes and whatnot. You can change all that now! Read on.

  1. Grab Some Almonds!

Almonds contain magnesium which breaks glucose down into energy. Magnesium deficiency makes your heart work harder and you’ll need more oxygen to do your daily tasks. Go grab some nuts!

  1. Get Moving!

Fatigued and feeling sorry for yourself? Get up and move! Take a brisk walk or just start mopping your kitchen. You’ll feel energized. Do this every day and you’ll be less exhausted and more energized in just a few days’ time!

  1. Sleep Can Be Your Best Friend

While too much rest is not good for you, rest is good. Keep your brains working all the time, and your whole body feels fatigued. It’s all connected. Take power naps during the day and reverse the side-effects of information overload.

  1. Food Is Really Not The Enemy – Seriously!

Going on a low carb diet just coz you feel fat all of a sudden? Don’t. A good breakfast will keep you feeling happy and energetic all day. Eat 4 balanced meals a day and help your brain and body work better.

  1. Stress And Anger Zap Your Energies – They’re The Enemy

Stress can kill you – literally. Stress over your job, your boss’s weird behavior or your boyfriend’s sly texting. We know. Try meditation, yoga, brisk walking, and music – whatever busts your stress.

  1. Get More H2O Into Your Body!

When your body is dehydrated, you’ll feel tired, moody, miserable, lethargic and unproductive. Don’t reach for a glass of wine when you feel tired. Grab some nice cool H2O instead.

  1. Cut Back On That Sweet Devil – Sugar!

Balanced blood sugars will ensure your energy levels are constant. So eat more whole grains during the day and go easy on the sweets. Sweets give you an immediate high but that drops off soon and you’ll be fatigued.

  1. Celebrate Flower Power

We women can get moody for any number of reasons. There’s no point in trying to get a man to understand. So don’t bother. Fill your home with yellow, orange and lilac colors. Turn your home into your energy adda.

  1. Grab A Power Snack

Feeling tired in between meals? Grab a whole wheat cracker, some yoghurt, or even some cheese. Get some fiber, protein and fat into you. Just a few bits, enough to keep you fueled up till dinner.

  1. Coffee Ain’t All That Good

Try to avoid your morning caffeine hit and opt for a protein shake. Throw a bit of coffee mix into your shake if you like. Or, go for a nice milky latte – that milk will turn your caffeine shot into a health drink.


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