Get Ready For A Sensational Onam Food Fest This Year!

Onam’s here again, people, coming up on September 7th this year! Are you ready to bring out the colors? No one can afford to feel blue on this special day, not with all the colorful pookolams (flower decorations) everywhere! If you’re lucky enough to be in Kerala for Onam, oh my, there are such treats in store for you. Talk about exciting bull fights, kalaripayatu matches, boat racing, elephant processions, dance and music programs and the non-stop feasting. Not that lucky? Never mind. There are still treats in store for you this Onam. Wondering what we’re talking about? Read on!

Isn’t Onam The Perfect All-In-One Festival?

Onam has something for everyone, don’t you think? Let’s see now – sports, check. Cultural extravaganzas? Check. Gifts and new clothes? Check. Colors, flowers and decorations? Check. Dance and music? You bet. Food? Oh that’s the best news of all. People fast for days so that they can do justice to the famous Onam Sadhya (feast)! But there’s more. This is no gone-in-a-flash one-day festival, people. No – Onam goes on for 10 full days. That’s 10 days of feasting and celebrating for you, having a great blast with friends and family. Who could say no to that?

How Did It All Come About?

Legend has it that when the demon-king Mahabali became too powerful, Lord Vishnu visited him in the guise of a brahmin child. He begged the king for three steps of land as alms. When granted, the lord spanned earth and heaven with two steps. Mahabali then offered his own head for Vishnu to place his third step. Pleased, Vishnu made Mahabali the king of the netherworld, allowing him to visit his kingdom for just four days in a year. During Onam each year, the people of Kerala celebrate the return of their king.

So What’s The Treat We’ve Got In Store For You?

Stuck in Bangalore for Onam? Feeling nostalgic and blue? We understand. But wait – if you cannot go to Kerala, what’s stopping you from bringing the feast to you? No, we’re not talking about eating the feast at a restaurant, surrounded by strangers. We’re talking about getting your friends and family together for a 100% authentic Onam Sadhya experience right at your home. How? Just order the dishes you want from our specialty restaurant partners. All it takes is a couple of minutes, and you can have the Onam feast of your dreams right at home.

Note that each restaurant delivers to several areas within its neighborhood.


About Delyver

Delyver is India’s first hyper local commerce platform. Delyver connects offline retailers in a neighborhood with customers from the same neighborhood. In other words, Delyver is a neighborhood marketplace. For customers, Delyver is the single window for all neighborhood shopping needs. All orders placed with Delyver are processed and delivered within 60 minutes. For retailers, in addition to providing the digital connect to the customers, Delyver offers support for logistics and customer care. Currently, Delyver operates in Bangalore across 8 product categories. Delyver is backed by well known angel investors and a VC fund and is in rapid expansion mode.
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