Eat Your Tension Away!

What? EAT MY TENSION AWAY? You lost your sense, Delyver? No, dear readers. We haven’t lost our senses, not yet. We’re talking sense. Studies show that you can actually eat your tension away. Hmmm…. Now we can see some of you grinning happily. Ah – so you had the right idea, gorging on cakes and chocolates after that awful breakup, yes? No. Bad idea, bad, bad bad! Want to learn something really worthwhile? Read on.

So Let’s Begin – What Do You Eat When You’re Stressed?

All right, you can be honest – no point in feeling shy over it. We all stress eat. Exam fever, day before that all-important interview, wedding jitters – and what do we do? We make a sneaky call to a pizza house in the middle of the night and gobble boiling hot pizza while maintaining a watchful eye towards the door. And yes, the chocolates, the cakes and the sweeties – it seems they whisper our names loudly when exactly we’re stressed. Wonder why they don’t whisper during other times?

Ever Wondered Why We Stress Eat?

Ever wondered why we stress eat similar kinds of food – fatty foods, sugary foods? It’s because when you’re tense, your body produces a hormone called cortisol. It’s literally called the ‘stress hormone’. When this hormone is high, everything is on a high alert; your heart rate, your alertness, your energy levels and your attentiveness. Cortisol is literally our bodies’ emergency response system.

When your stress goes away, your cortisol levels lower and you’re back to normal. What happens when you’re continually stressed? Your body uses up all its energy to combat the stress. The excess stress keeps you hyper alert and anxious. Soon your body starts craving sugars and fats.

Don’t Feel Guilty – Eat To Beat That Stress!

Here’s the deal – you know you eat when you’re stressed. Just accept it. Just be watchful and eat the right foods next time, foods that will strengthen your body and brain and boost your emotional health.

  1. Foods High In Vitamins, Calcium, Fiber and Natural Sugars

Fruits and veggies contain essential vitamins, calcium, fiber and plenty of natural sugars to keep you contented and in good moods. Eat them in plenty.

  1. Foods High In Magnesium

Fish, sunflower seeds, avocados, pumpkin seeks, almonds, peanuts, black beans, salmon, soybeans, oysters, halibut, oats, brown rice – phew! That’s a long list of magnesium-rich foods. Magnesium helps the brain produce more of the feel-good hormone, serotonin, which keeps you happy.

  1. Foods That Contain Friendly Fats And Carbohydrates

What your body needs when it’s feeling down is friendly fats in the form of Omega 3 and 6. So reach for olives, flax seeds, salmon, cod, broccoli and other omega-rich foods.

  1. Eat Consistently

Don’t skip meals or eat randomly. Your metabolism will suffer and your body will produce more adrenaline to give you energy. When the adrenaline levels go down, your stresses are back. Eat 4 balanced meals a day and keep those stresses away.

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Did You Know Not Exercising Is Twice As Deadly As Being Fat?

You’re a nice healthy specimen – perfect weight, absolutely no health issues, and happy as a lark. You work and eat and sleep and don’t see any reason to exercise – after all, you have no reason to lose weight! We’d like to apologize in advance, dears, but we’re about to burst your happy bubble. Being sedentary is twice as deadly as being obese. So don’t feel too proud of your slim frame. Oh, just in case you’re wondering why Delyver is lecturing you about health, here it is. We care about you. You are important to us.

Listen To The Experts!

Did you know if you don’t exercise at all, you’ll be destroying your body’s muscle mass as you get older? You’ll see it happening – your tissues will become slack and fat will gain more ground each day. As you get older, you’ll find it harder to burn off the fat. The result? Obesity by the age of 35, or earlier. Obesity leads to a number of health issues and is related to premature death, as most of you know. Did you know that director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, Dr. David Katz, says if you start exercising even now, you can help reduce the risk of premature death?

So Get Moving!

Yes, my pretty peacocks, you lot. See what the future holds if you don’t get moving. If you want to stay pretty, get moving. Research indicates that even moderate exercise burns about 90 and 110 calories a day. According to the experts, even a little bit of exercise a day – say, a brisk walk of no more than 20 minutes, is more than enough to reduce the risk of premature death. This is true for people of normal weight, slightly overweight and morbidly obese people. These statistics were derived from a study conducted by the Cambridge University of 334,000 men and women. That’s a lot of people.

Oh Statistics! It’s All Just Numbers! I’m Going To Be Just Fine!

If that’s what you’re thinking, then please think again. A recent death stat survey in Europe evaluated the 9.2 million European deaths each year. The study found that while 337,000 of these deaths were because of obesity, double that number of deaths was because of total inactivity. Ok, now even we are scared!

Say Sayonara To Fat, Guys

So guys, since we love you so much and want you to keep ordering fine meals from us (kidding, kidding!), please get moving. Make it fun, guys. Adopt a cute doggie and take it for long walks. Run behind your children instead of leaving it to granny. Remember that beautiful body won’t always remain beautiful. Life is pretty and food is pretty and fun is pretty. Stick to the pretty stuff and make sure you keep the flab away.

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Eat what you want day

Eat what you want day

Dearly beloved, today we gather to celebrate and honor one of the most anticipated days of this year. That’s right, today is ‘Eat What You Want Day’. Also known as International Cheat Day. We suggest you knock off whatever diet you’re on and join in on celebrating all that is pleasurable to your taste buds.

What’s that you’re saying? Oh, so you want to lose 10 pounds? And celebrating this day would be non-compliant with your diet plan? Well, excuse us, but sticking to your healthy, low-fat, non-sugar diet is in non-compliance with the tradition on this day and is outright disrespectful! Oh come on, you know you want those fluffy little cupcakes with the buttercream frosting. And that juicy burger with just the right amount of spice and crispiness to accompany the patty covered in silken cheese. With a side of garlic bread, fries and a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and caramel syrup running down the sides in tiny rivulets. Admit it, Eat What You Want Day is music, nay, a melodious opera to your ears & stomach.

Today, mi amigos, is not the day you think of all the photoshopped models on magazine covers or those skinny jeans you want to fit into. Today is about allowing yourself to enjoy the little pleasures of life. What do you make money for anyway? Is it to starve and berate yourself and still feel bad at the end of it? Of course not. You have the right and freedom to enjoy life on your terms. And if that includes going above the recommended calorie intake because that key lime tart looked too good to be true, so be it. And today is the day to do precisely that. Have a slice of cake, or the whole of it. It’s a celebration!

New fads and diets will come along every now and then. Atkins, Yamaguchi, cabbage soup. But they won’t guarantee you the happiness that is in an extra slice of pizza. We’re not encouraging you to become unhealthy. We’re just asking you to not deny yourself the little things that make life worthwhile. So go on, treat yourself to sinful delights because the calories just don’t count today.

It’s like the anonymous saying that goes – “Eat whatever you want and if someone tries to lecture you on your weight, eat them too.”

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Happy Mothers’ Day

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face”    – George Eliot

Gather around folks, for all around the world on 10th May, we celebrate the beautiful concept of honoring the caring, devoted species we call ‘mother’. On the second Sunday in May, we celebrate the loving, nurturing side of women. So pick up the phone first thing this morning and wish that blessed lady who stayed up all those nights with you helping with projects and standing by you at every phase of your life.

What are you doing for your mother this Mother’s day? Is it a spa day, a thoughtful card, a little knick knack or maybe her favorite ice cream? Every mother deserves to be pampered and made much of. She’s the reason you’re filled with nostalgia when you look back on your carefree childhood days. Every time you had a craving for spice, she’d whip up your favorite curry; on special nights it was biryani. When you complained about your tiffin being boring you’d get pasta and crackers the next day. She’d pore over different cook books tirelessly in an attempt to find interesting recipes that incorporated vegetables you threw tantrums over. Come summer and you’d anticipate the exciting mango dishes and refreshing ‘aam panna’ while winter vacations were sweet treats with the best ‘gajar ka halwa’ in town. And those terrible times in college when the hostel food made you ache for your ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’. Because let’s face it, she made the most delicious light, fluffy cakes you’ve ever eaten.

All those years spent trying to persuade you to finish your veggies and drink up the juice. You don’t think that was an easy task, do you? Because you were quite a handful. Now it’s time to dish up a little love for her. If you know your way about the kitchen, you could cook some of her favorites. Breakfast in bed for the dear lady. And if cooking is not really your forte, you could order in or take her out and have her dine in style. Because you don’t want her to end up with food poisoning over your failed attempt at a risotto :p. Kind of puts a damper on the whole thing. And that’s precisely what we are here for!

Trust us to make this day special for your special mama. Thai, Mexican, Mughlai or traditional Indian; you name it, we delyver it. Give her sweet, give her spice, give her the best of what she likes. Make your mother smile today. But remember that of all the gifts you lavish on her, you will never be able to repay the love and care she lavished on you.

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The Biryani story

Biryani is a universally loved dish that has stood the test of time, change and wars. Theories vary as to how this fragrant, exotic dish first came into existence with some believing that it has Persian origins while others argue that it was an Indian invention. Not that it matters; biryani is delicious all the same! The warm, soft rice coupled with the succulent texture of meat and the tang of spices – biryani is a celebration in itself.

There are 2 main types of biryanis: Pakki-wherein the cooked meat and rice are layered- and  kacchi, wherein the raw marinated meat is layered with raw rice before being cooked together. All this talk of meat might put off a vegetarian and that leads me to tell you about the Tehri biryani which makes no use of meat and is no less delectable.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

India is home to numerous varieties of biryani that are usually named after the places they originated from. Born during the Nizam’s rule, the Hyderabadi biryani is a cultural fusion between Mughlai and Andhra cuisine and traditionally involves basmati rice and mutton. Another variety from Hyderabad is Kalyani biryani also called ‘the poor man’s Hyderabadi biryani’ on account of the relatively inexpensive ingredients used.

Doubtless you’ve tried the less spicier Lucknowi/Awadhi biryani but did you know it actually inspired the Calcutta biryani? Turns out, when Awadh’s last Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was exiled in 1856 to the Kolkata suburb of Metiabruz, he brought his personal chef with him. Because you can live in a strange land with strange faces and dialects but you cannot compromise on food. Human psyche, eh? Thus, biryani was introduced to the poorer households of Kolkata, which could not afford meat and used potatoes instead. This went on to become a specialty of the Calcutta biryani. Now of course, meat is also served with it.

Coming to the west coast we have the extremely spicy Memoni from the Memons of Gujarat-Sindh region and uses fewer tomatoes than the Sindhi variety. Then we have the Mumbaikars who prefer a little extra grease and onions and thus developed the Bombay biryani .This led to the evolution of the Bhatkali biryani of coastal Karnataka. Biryani is quite rich and might get a bit much for your digestive system to handle. Karnataka offers a solution to this with its light Beary biryani which is kinder and does not constipate you.

Further south, God’s own country offers a spicy dum version prepared mainly by the Rawther Muslim community of Palakkad and the highly popular Thalassery biriyani which makes exclusive use of a unique, fragrant, small-grained, thin rice variety named Kaima or Jeerakasala. Neighbouring Tamil Nadu is the birthplace of the tangy Dindigul, the Vaniyambadi and the famous Ambur varieties.

So you see, different cultures have modified the beloved biryani to suit their palates. What’s your personal twist to it?

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A different menu everyday – Masala Box

Summer is in full swing in Bangalore and the heat can get to the best of us. There are times when you just can’t bear the thought of cooking after a long day at work and just want it to be brought to you on a silver platter. What’s the harm in a little indulgence, right? And now you can do just that. Masala Box is a food establishment that has come up with an innovative idea wherein home-cooked food is delivered to your homes. Freshly made, high quality food in a sweet little box on your table – sounds too good to be true? Masala Box was started by Harsha Thachery, who is a CA by profession and Liya Susan Verghese who was previously a tax consultant. It was launched in Kochi on 18th August 2014 and started its Bangalore operations on April 6th 2015.  With a talented team of 23 home chefs, Masala Box offers everything from traditional Indian Thalis to Key Lime Tarts. Interestingly, their dedication is not only to their food but also the environment. They use eco-friendly trays and dishes and believe in recycling and waste management. Now that’s green entrepreneurship. What sets Masala Box apart from other food establishments is the fact that they have a menu that changes every day. So you never have to be bored with the same old options. There are new and exciting dishes for you to choose from every day. Fine dining does not have to be boring and predictable. The unexpected menu items every day give you something exciting to look forward to and is part of the charm of this enterprise. After all, who doesn’t love a good surprise? Here is a look at one of their menus:

  • ·         Opera in a cup
  • ·         White Bean salad with Parsley Vinaigrette
  • ·         Mushroom and Capsicum Paddu with Coconut chutney
  • ·         White Bean and Tuna salad with Parsley Vinaigrette
  • ·         Creamy Spaghetti with Veggies and Peppers
  • ·         Kombdi Rasa with Paratha

Set those digestive juices in motion yet? As of now, Masala Box caters to certain parts of Kochin and Bangalore but they hope to spread their wings to 9 cities across India within the next 5 years. When asked about the origins of the idea of a menu that changes daily, Thackeray replied, “From the beginning, we did not want to have a static menu like in restaurants. Ours is a very chef-centric model wherein the chef gets to choose the days on which they want to cook and this automatically leads to a churn in menu. We have served over 300 different menus over the past 8 months in Cochin and this variety is our USP.  We try to offer the customer as much variety as we can with a daily changing menu. Chef availability is a primary factor that helps us in deciding the menu for a particular day.” Masala Box’s lunch options are listed in for home delivery in Koramangala & Indiranagar.

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10 ways to boost your health

Stressful jobs, bad food choices, too much sitting around, too many emotional attachments – they all slowly sap away at your health. A few years down the lane and suddenly you have weak bones, hypertension, diabetes and whatnot. You can change all that now! Read on.

  1. Grab Some Almonds!

Almonds contain magnesium which breaks glucose down into energy. Magnesium deficiency makes your heart work harder and you’ll need more oxygen to do your daily tasks. Go grab some nuts!

  1. Get Moving!

Fatigued and feeling sorry for yourself? Get up and move! Take a brisk walk or just start mopping your kitchen. You’ll feel energized. Do this every day and you’ll be less exhausted and more energized in just a few days’ time!

  1. Sleep Can Be Your Best Friend

While too much rest is not good for you, rest is good. Keep your brains working all the time, and your whole body feels fatigued. It’s all connected. Take power naps during the day and reverse the side-effects of information overload.

  1. Food Is Really Not The Enemy – Seriously!

Going on a low carb diet just coz you feel fat all of a sudden? Don’t. A good breakfast will keep you feeling happy and energetic all day. Eat 4 balanced meals a day and help your brain and body work better.

  1. Stress And Anger Zap Your Energies – They’re The Enemy

Stress can kill you – literally. Stress over your job, your boss’s weird behavior or your boyfriend’s sly texting. We know. Try meditation, yoga, brisk walking, and music – whatever busts your stress.

  1. Get More H2O Into Your Body!

When your body is dehydrated, you’ll feel tired, moody, miserable, lethargic and unproductive. Don’t reach for a glass of wine when you feel tired. Grab some nice cool H2O instead.

  1. Cut Back On That Sweet Devil – Sugar!

Balanced blood sugars will ensure your energy levels are constant. So eat more whole grains during the day and go easy on the sweets. Sweets give you an immediate high but that drops off soon and you’ll be fatigued.

  1. Celebrate Flower Power

We women can get moody for any number of reasons. There’s no point in trying to get a man to understand. So don’t bother. Fill your home with yellow, orange and lilac colors. Turn your home into your energy adda.

  1. Grab A Power Snack

Feeling tired in between meals? Grab a whole wheat cracker, some yoghurt, or even some cheese. Get some fiber, protein and fat into you. Just a few bits, enough to keep you fueled up till dinner.

  1. Coffee Ain’t All That Good

Try to avoid your morning caffeine hit and opt for a protein shake. Throw a bit of coffee mix into your shake if you like. Or, go for a nice milky latte – that milk will turn your caffeine shot into a health drink.

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